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From simple start-up webcasts and podcasts to advanced network television news sets and talk shows, we have what your company or client needs.

Project Spotlight: Multi-Set Broadcast Production Studio

Explore the transformation of a bare-shell room into a dynamic broadcast studio in this project spotlight. From versatile set design to innovative lighting systems, discover how this studio adapts to meet the unique needs of our client.

Product Launch: Flip-Top Monolith News Desk

Introducing the new Flip-Top Monolith News Desk with its innovative folding top. This desk ensures easy mobility and portability, while the wood-free construction ensures durability in high-traffic and high-demand production studios.

Introducing Our Redesigned Set Lighting Headers

Lighter, sleeker, and more efficient. Our re-engineered Headers offer easy installation, consistent lighting, and creative control. Elevate your broadcasts effortlessly. Less fuss, more style.

Discover Our Revamped Website! is excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website. With a fresh look and enhanced features, the new website offers a seamless browsing experience, allowing customers to explore our expansive catalog with ease.

Broadcast Design

We were able to stop by after the lighting setup was completed by Andrew Fisher’s team, and we managed to get some great shots. This particular broadcast design was for, a webcast report with an edge that focuses on sports. 

New TV Set Design Images From Our Clients

Many of our out of town clients promise us pictures once our set designs have been completely lit and prepared for broadcast. This always gets us excited. However, in the last 25 years, we have only had three clients send us photos.

Studio Set Design

Studio set design is our thing, and these two identical sets designed for Canada TV show it. Installed in their respective cities of Regina and Saskatoon, these sets were photographed prior to full studio lighting.

Broadcast Display – Samaritans Purse

This incredibly attractive broadcast display set was recently designed, fabricated, and installed by our team for Samaritan’s Purse in Boone, NC. The main components making this broadcast set so attractive are translucent PETG sheets, beautiful laminates, powder coated steel framing, and an array of powerful but cost effective LED lighting.

NAU-TV Broadcast Display Set Design

Recently we have completed designing, fabricating, and installing a broadcast display design for Northern Arizona University. This form is representative of our complete strong set style of broadcast display design.

LSU TV Set Design – Before, After, and During Gallery

We have just had a pair of our people return from installing a broadcast tv set design for LSU. This set was created and then installed by our fearless leader and one of our coworkers.

Simple Broadcast Studio Background

Here is a simple broadcast studio background we created using 7 of our Curved Frames. They span 23 feet in width and stand 10 feet tall. In the main image you are looking through one of our favorite materials, PETG.

Broadcast Studio Walls

Straight Frames are simple, sexy, affordable, and have a soft classy appearance that fits everything from a high tech newscast to an interview-based religious broadcast.