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Project Spotlight: Sports Webcast Set Design Broadcast Design

Recently we had a rare opportunity; we got to photograph one of our broadcast designs while fully lit. Usually, the lighting design team comes in after we do our work. We almost never get to go back to the location once lighting is complete to acquire broadcast grade images. However, this time our client was right down the street. We were able to stop by after the lighting setup was completed by Andrew Fisher’s team, and we managed to get some great pictures.

This particular broadcast design was for, a webcast report with an edge that focuses on sports. We planned out the new set in 3D applications. This allows clients to get a really great concept of what we are designing. After a little bit of back and forth about colors and design components, the final renderings were approved. Then, we built the set in our facility in Charlotte, NC. Upon completion, the broadcast design was dismantled, packed up, shipped, and installed at the client’s studio. We have gone through this process with hundreds of clients, but usually they are in other states or countries. This one being so close by afforded a fun picture opportunity.