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Flat-Pack Pedestal

Flat-Pack Pedestal


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The Flat-Pack Pedestal offers a sleek and versatile display solution. Crafted from water-resistant materials, this pedestal guarantees durability while maintaining its pristine appearance. Assembling this piece is a breeze, requiring no tools or screws, ensuring an effortless setup. An access door to the interior compartment adds practicality and the option for cable runs enhances its functionality.


  • Ideal as a display pedestal for trade shows, events, and various settings where an elegant and functional platform is required.
  • Constructed from water-resistant materials, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Easy assembly without the need for tools or screws, providing a hassle-free setup experience.
  • Access door to the interior compartment, adding convenience for hiding and accessing items.
  • Option for cable runs, enhancing versatility and offering a tidy solution for cable management.
  • Durable design ensures reliability and makes it a lasting addition to your display needs.
Elevate your presentation at trade shows, events, and other occasions with the Flat-Pack Pedestal. Its sleek design and durability make it a valuable asset for showcasing your items.
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