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Small Curve Desk

Small Curve Desk


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The Small Curve News Desk is a simple and budget-friendly desk that adds a professional touch to broadcasts. Its minimalist design is both functional and stylish, making it an excellent fit for a wide range of broadcasting settings. No matter the production, our Curve Desks provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing platform for your broadcasts.

Our Curve Desk line has been refined over 20 years to deliver the highest quality product for the lowest possible price. As a result, the Curve Desk line has become our top-selling product, and it continues to impress our customers with its durability, utility, and sleek design.


  • Seats up to 2 people, making it ideal for presentations
  • Equipped with locking casters for easy mobility and quick set adjustments
  • Customize your desk with a wide range of laminate finishes to match your brand's style and identity
  • The bottom 4” are a black ABS finish to prevent chipping and maintain the desk's finish with use over years
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