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The short answer? Everyone.

If you have a message to get out, we will build your broadcast set or news desk to do so. If you’re looking for a custom desk, trade show exhibit, museum display, or something branded for a corporate event, we can do that too.

We pride ourselves on working to provide services across many industries and price points. Our clients range from elementary schools with a single news desk to national news broadcasts and international clients. We are comfortable with any size project and each client receives the same attention to detail and expert craftsmanship.


Building studio sets for national news broadcasts and local affiliates requires a keen eye for design and technical expertise. Our comprehensive experience in delivering visually striking and functionally efficient sets allows us to deliver customized solutions that meet their production requirements.

CORPORATE has a wealth of experience working with corporate clients and helping them to achieve their communications objectives. Whether that requires a broadcast set for sharing information with internal stakeholders or marketing to external ones, we provide our clients with tailored services and support to successfully get their message out there.


We have a proven track record of working with educational institutions. From grade schools to colleges and universities, we provide them with innovative solutions that support their academic goals. Our team understands the importance of education. We are happy to work around the school-year calendar and help create engaging projects for your students or comms team.


We have extensive experience in working with government entities, providing them with high-quality services and solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements. We understand the unique challenges that come with working with the public sector, including procurement requirements and timeline management.