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Bounce Box Lighting Add-On

Bounce Box Lighting Add-On

Give your set a bright and colorful glow-up with Bounce Boxes. This component attaches to our modular set frames allowing you to light translucent set skins with a rich, even color. It makes hot spots and washed-out corners a thing of the past.

Save space on set. Backlight your set without wasting valuable square footage truing to get proper lighting angles. At less than 12” deep, your set walls can still be installed right against a wall, maximizing space for the important parts instead of losing space to technical components.

This is an ideal solution for those looking to adapt their set to the needs of multiple shows, as it gives you the ability to switch color to fit any mood or theme.

  • Lightweight
  • Low Profile
  • Flat Pack
  • Easy Assembly
  • Front Serviceable
  • Rear Serviceable
    Complementary Product
    40" Flat Set Frame

    Our Simple, Modular, Reconfigurable System

    Our Modular Set Frame System has been honed and refined for over 30 years. We build standard components that are assembled to fit in your studio and designed to reflect your vision. The result is a broadcast set solution that is versatile, reconfigurable, reusable, and professional. These components are built to last and can be put to many uses.
    16ga powdercoated
    steel tubing
    Bolt holes to easily join frames & columns
    Self-supporting system
    Customizable laminate, dimensional, & graphic finishes
    Hook & loop velcro assembly

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