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Simple Broadcast Studio Background

A Simple Broadcast Studio Background for Ashtabula

Here is a simple broadcast studio background we created using 7 of our Curved Frames. They span 23 feet in width and stand 10 feet tall. In the main image you are looking through one of our favorite materials, PETG. This is a resilient and clear, diffuse substrate great for this kind of application. Most importantly, it is relatively inexpensive compared to fragile acrylics or Lexan. Meanwhile, it is also really sexy.
At the bottom of the frames is a simple silver-aluminum hued matte laminate.
All these materials are hook and loop (think Velcro) fastened to 18 gauge, silver, powdercoated steel frames.
Finally, the finishing touch is LED bars lighting the wall behind the structure.
It really shows how these materials come together.
This simple but extremely effective broadcast studio background works for pretty much any show.
However, this one is going to a studio in Ashtabula, OH.

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We're on a Tight Budget, but This Could Totally Work

Not a problem. What you’re looking at is our Curved Fames. You can find them under Broadcast Set Parts in our Products menu.
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