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Broadcast Studio Walls

The Broadcast Studio Walls of Simple Elegance

One of our simplest, most affordable, functional, and attractive products is our Straight Frames. Sized 40″ wide and only 1″ thick, these frames are available in 8, 9 and 10 feet tall variations. In metric that is 101.6cm wide x 2.54cm deep, with 243.84cm, 274.32cm, and 304.8cm high options. Straight Frames do a great job of creating background depth while still packing up compactly. For instance, five frames stacked flat are less than half a foot high.

The flat frames shown here are powdercoated 1″ square steel tubing with Velcro attached. This allows us to easily attach plastics and laminates to make the surface. It also means you can quickly swap out laminate panels and have a whole new studio look in minutes.

These pictures show frames with our most popular combo. They feature PETG which looks like diffuse glass and Silver Alu Metalx laminate. The Silver Alu Metalx laminate has a refined look without being reflective on camera.

Straight Frames are simple, sexy, affordable, and have a soft classy appearance that fits everything from a high tech newscast to an interview-based religious broadcast. Check out our prices here.