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Our Broadcast Studio Solutions


We live in a world where everything you ever need can be purchased just a couple miles from your house. Many companies produce a great variety of items for your use and consumption. This makes it all the more aggravating when searching for something you need that is significantly harder to find. For many people, the broadcast studio solutions industry is frustrating like that. We are proud to change that for our clients.

We take the guesswork out of planning your broadcast studio. With just a few minutes of browsing, provides information and ballpark pricing for a broadcast set or news desk suited to your needs.


We adjust our designs, services, and techniques to perfectly match your company. This adaptability makes it easy for your team to make changes in appearance with minimal effort. For example, by using our modular broadcast solutions our walls, columns, desks, LED/LCD stands, and more are easily and quickly moved. They can also be reattached, spun, resurfaced, replaced, or removed.

Tired of how the studio looks after a year? We always design and build with the client and need for change in mind. Order some new graphics, move things around, replace a couple panels, and presto change-o! You have a totally new look.

Aggressive Deadlines: No Problem

There’s excitement about the new studio. There’s pressure from the powers that be for everything to be done, a budget has to be used before a set date, and you didn’t get started on this until almost too late so you need a rush on it. That’s perfectly OK; we’re accustomed to making it happen despite those parameters. A large part of our team is made up of theater professionals who all strongly believe that ‘The Show Must Go On.’ Strict, looming, intense deadlines are something we are very familiar with tackling.

Helping You Understand

What is that fuzzy looking glass everyone uses? Is there a cheaper way to do it without sacrificing quality? The answers are P95, and yes, you should use PETG instead. This is just one of hundreds of questions that we easily answer after a lifetime of creating products for broadcast studio solutions. We help you and your company understand everything about the options that would best fit your needs.

Up-Front Transparency

We don’t have nickle and dime fees, hidden charges, rush costs, or change fees. Ballpark pricing for most of our products is on the website, along with pictures of past client work. We also feature our staff capabilities and updates about current events in our company.

Just Contact Us about what your company needs.