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Project Spotlight: Fireside Chat Interview Set

The Client

Humana, a healthcare company founded in 1961, uses their studio to create internal communications content and educational content for customers. Our relationship with Humana began in 2018 when they came to us to design and build two sets for a new broadcast studio. They returned to us in 2023, looking to add a talk show set where they had previously had a green screen cyclorama.

The Prompt

Humana's primary objective was to create an interview set for fireside chats with a relaxed talk show style. The new corner set, integrated into the existing sets, would fill a space roughly 16.5 ft by 12 ft, previously home to a cyclorama. Key elements they were drawn to were our stacked hardwood wall, dimensional stone, warm wood tones, acrylic display shelves, and a faux fireplace to create a rustic modern look.

The fireplace features a removable backer panel to create a traditional firebox when installed.

Set Overview

A dimensional stone hearth wraps the corner, with an integrated water-vapor fireplace creating a warm and inviting focal point. Above the fireplace, separated by a black folded aluminum mantel, is a wall-mounted Samsung Frame TV used to display broadcast graphics or act as an art piece. Behind the TV, a hand-stacked hardwood accent wall fabricated by our in-house craftsmen adds warmth and texture to the feature wall. This wall, with its layering and rich, natural hues, provides a sophisticated organic backdrop.

On either side of the fireplace are adjustable height display shelves made of 1” thick flame-polished acrylic. These shelves provide versatile display options for props and decor that can be tailored to each broadcast. The shelving is lit with white LED puck lights integrated into the hearth below and the Headers above. The Headers, finished in a matching black aluminum to the mantelpiece, also provide uplighting on the dimensional stone at the top of the set to accentuate the texture and depth of the stone.

Flanking the set are mobile walls on rolling set wagons to allow easy access to the back of the set and hidden storage closets. These mobile walls are finished with Aimtoo Savatre by Pionite skins. The camera left wall features a brushed aluminum Humana logo with RGBW Halo Lighting. The RGBW lighting can be adjusted to any color to match any brand color or fit the style of any production.


Our design-build team created a relaxed and inviting interview set that aligns with Humana's vision. The blend of modern lines with rustic tones and functional design ensures the set is visually appealing and highly functional. This project meets Humana's immediate needs and provides a timeless and adaptable space for future broadcasts, reaffirming our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that exceed client expectations. offers holistic in-house design-build services to clients of all sizes, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to local news affiliates to schools and government organizations. Our process ensures every detail of your set is meticulously crafted to meet your specific needs. From initial concept to final installation, our team is dedicated to creating innovative and impactful broadcast environments that enhance your production quality and brand presence. We look forward to transforming your broadcast spaces and helping you achieve your vision with our bespoke solutions.

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