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NAB 2020 Booth Design

The NAB Booth of Our Dreams

We were just starting the fabrication of our NAB 2020 show booth when we got news of the show’s cancellation. However, we had completed the design and are still excited to give you a tour of our booth.


This set, based on our Corner Set, was 100% designed in house by Our design process uses 3D renderings to visualize our sets and desks before they head to the shop. This allows us to iron out the details. For instance, we can try an unlimited number of colors and textures, as well as move, or add and subtract set parts. The end result is a desk or set that looks great in real life. It also ensures that it physically fits your studio’s footprint.

Booth Components

Our NAB 2020 booth features an all-star line up of some of our favorite things. To start, the set walls are covered with blue laminate skins as well as two different dimensional surfaces. This includes our proprietary Straight Wall texture. The walls are wrapped with valances, while our window frames are filled with a triptych of 75” monitors displayed by a video wall controller. This lets us easily change the background scenery and split a single image across the three screens.

This set also showcases four different news desk models. The large L shaped desk is our 5 piece Modular News Desk. It can be arranged in a variety of configurations. This rendering also showcases the Round Table News Desk, the Monolith News Desk, and our brand new, Weather Desk.  

Lastly, the outside back wall displays a large SEG or Silicone Edge Graphic. These photo-quality graphics are dye sub printed onto durable matte fabric that is held into place with silicone edges on a tension frame. SEGs are awesome because they look great with or without backlighting, and they can be swapped out in a matter of minutes.


We hope you enjoyed this virtual booth tour! If you have any questions or are interested in any of these components, please call 704-339-0785 or email