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From simple start-up webcasts and podcasts to advanced network television news sets and talk shows, we have what your company or client needs.

Broadcast Set Design – US Census

We’ve recently completed designing, fabricating, and installing a new broadcast set for the US Census Bureau. Located at their main facility in Suitland, Maryland just outside of DC, the broadcast studio was just a small part of an immense complex devoted to the Census Bureau.

Our Broadcast Studio Solutions

Many companies produce a great variety of items for your use and consumption. This makes it all the more aggravating when searching for something you need that is significantly harder to find. For many people, the broadcast studio solutions industry is frustrating like that.

Developing A Small TV Studio Design

Creating a broadcast set that must be small due to space issues can be challenging. However, by paying close attention to technique and details, this challenge can be overcome. 

New CTV Broadcast Set Designs

One of the many broadcast set designs we’ve completed in 2014, and not yet documented on our website, is 3 studios (in as many cities) for CTV in Canada. We did all the design, fabrication, and install of these sets earlier in the year. Our clients are happy, and we’re happy, so there’s just happy all over the place.

News Set for NASA – JHU – New Horizons

We created this news set for the conferences, broadcasts, and PSAs associated with the New Horizons mission. It was used as the probe was nearing and meeting it’s goal, Pluto. The few months we spent designing, building, installing, and striking the set was nothing compared to the years these teams put into the mission.

Broadcast Set Background Installation Time Lapse Video

The broadcast set pictured here was recently designed, and fabricated by our company. It was installed by the client. Often, we don’t get pictures or video from the client. THIS is a fantastic exception.

Trade Show Display for the National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB) in Vegas

This display, designed and fabricated by for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show in Vegas will be on display from April 24-27, 2017. It is a great example of our capabilities for a 10×20 trade show display. While we have 30 years of experience doing this for many companies, this one is special because we’re doing it for ourselves.

Gelbach Designs is now

Gelbach Designs is now! For decades, Gelbach Designs did it all – television studio sets, backdrops, scenery, museum exhibits, trade shows and more. However, we found that clients were consistently asking for broadcast studio solutions.

Custom Acrylic News Desk for the IU TV Studio

This is an example of a custom desk, but we’ve got a Round Table News Desk product that is very similar.

If you like this look, have us design your next acrylic broadcast news desk!

Award Winning NAB Show Exhibit by

We are proud of our award winning NAB show exhibit from 2018. Our display took home the Best of Show: Small Islands award from the National Association of Broadcasters Show! Thank you to everyone involved. Take a look at our pictures from this event!

Custom Corner Set Installed in NYC

This custom Corner Set installed in NYC was first designed and fabricated at our facility in North Carolina. Our broadcast set design includes a Modular News Desk and four window frames that give the sense that Midtown Manhattan is right there.