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LSU TV Set Design – Before, After, and During Gallery

The Team

We have just had a pair of our people return from installing a broadcast tv set design for LSU. This set was created and then installed by our fearless leader and one of our coworkers. Additionally, we had Kim Cook on lighting. He also provided us this gallery of images. The design renderings were done by Mr. Buck Rackley, and the printing made possible by our own Marcus Ward. All of the fabrication was done by people too, but they shall remain nameless.

Better Ingredients, Better Set Design

This set was designed and fabricated using 18 gauge powder coated steel, PETG, and various laminates. We added some lighting pizazz with LED lighting, printed back lit graphics, and small halogen lights. As a result, the set was as cohesive and attractive as we imagined it would be. Not to mention, we had a very happy set of clients in Louisiana.

Where Would I Find Pricing and Sizing for This?

This is an example of our Complete Corner Set. You can find it in our Products menu, under Complete Set Design.

We can have it designed, built, and installed in your studio in just a few weeks time. In a rush? We can do it even faster.

Before, After, and In-Progress Images

Check out the pictures below to see the whole process of installing a broadcast studio news set from start to finish.