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Project Spotlight: Multi-Set Broadcast Production Studio

The Client

A marketing firm specializing in services tailored to financial advisors, our client provides brand development, lead generation, and practice management services. One of their specialties is producing video content for broadcast TV, webcasts, and podcasts. Their team of professionals manages every aspect of production and provides studio space for their clients.

Our prior experience working with this client on several projects laid the foundation for our partnership. As a trusted partner, they turned to us when the time came to replace their previous set, created by a different company, with an expanded complete broadcast studio.

The Prompt

The primary goal was to create a versatile studio featuring multiple backdrops to accommodate numerous camera angles and productions. The space is destined for a wide array of clients and programs, necessitating a design that easily adapts to various brands and styles. The 50' x 50' studio space will be anchored by a 14' x 7' integrated video wall and accompanied by a large portable news desk, multiple mobile monitor stands, and a rolling platform to be set up with a couch and chairs.


Standing Set Corner Set Video Wall Set Array Set

Design Elements

Set Overview

Incorporating a cool, sleek finish of Stainless Metalx by Nevamar, the studio boasts a modern and polished aesthetic. The studio heavily features our Bounce Box lighting system, which attaches to our Modular Set Frames, allowing you to light translucent set skins with a rich, even color. This feature lets you switch the set to any color to fit any production. Much like the Bounce Box system, our lightbox Columns are lit with RGBW LED lights that, as with all our set lighting, can be controlled independently of other accent lighting. This set also features our Lightbox Headers which were recently redesigned – read more about it here. The headers have color-changing faces and white LED puck lights for up-lighting and down-lighting the set walls. Adding to the already abundant set lighting are thin RGBW face strips which are integrated into the frames and sit flush with the laminate set skins. Surrounding the video wall is a wrap-around embedded RGBW Lightbox Header. Everything comes together to create a dynamic set capable of shifting to meet our client's changing needs.

Desk Overview

This set is home to our Five Piece Modular News Desk, enhanced with a prototype modular platform (a potential addition to our product line in 2024 👀), adding even more versatility to our Modular News Desk System. The system comprises three module types – Main, Endcap, and Corner – allowing the desk to accommodate any broadcast. The addition of the platform enables you to use the Modular Desk at standing height, as you can detach the rear seating apron independently of the desk. Thanks to its integrated locking casters, the desk maintains its standalone functionality and can be easily removed from the platform without compromising its portability.


In this project, we set out to transform a bare-shell room into a dynamic broadcast studio that not only meets the diverse needs of our client, but also all of their clients. By integrating transforming elements like our Bounce Box lighting system and expanding on our Modular News Desk System, we've created a versatile studio that adapts to every production's unique requirements.

Combining simple, plain, fixed design elements and dynamic set lighting has resulted in a timeless design. With our client's vision at the forefront, we've met and exceeded expectations, ensuring that their studio is an invaluable asset for their firm.

As we look ahead, we're excited to continue pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities in our broadcast studio design. With potential additions to our product line in 2024, we're poised to bring even greater versatility and functionality to our clients' creative endeavors. Through projects like these, we reaffirm our commitment to excellence and innovation, and we look forward to the future challenges and successes that lie ahead.

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Designer Spotlight

Chanel Carter-Harris

Chanel served as the lead designer on this project. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2016 and is a registered architect for the State of North Carolina. Chanel shines at straddling multiple domains; she designs in CAD and 3D renderings as well as learning fabrication methods in the shop. In her spare time, she enjoys bartending, dancing, playing tennis, and eating vegan-ish cuisine.