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Introducing Our Redesigned Set Lighting Headers

In the world of broadcasting, lighting is more than just illumination – it's the key to setting the right atmosphere for your content. We've given our Headers a makeover to streamline your broadcasting experience. Our commitment to simplicity, efficiency, and performance has led us to this complete overhaul. Here's what's new:

Lightweight & Sleek

We've prioritized both form and function in the redesign of our Headers. By going back to the drawing board, we’ve shed unnecessary bulk and introduced a sleeker, more streamlined design. They’re also half the weight of their predecessors, coming in at roughly 7 lbs per frame. Our Headers complement any broadcast, adding a modern touch.

Easy Installation

We strive to provide our clients with the necessary tools and resources to successfully install their set themselves (but we’re also always here to help). That's why we've made our new Headers lightweight and incredibly easy to install. No more wrestling with heavy parts. We've also simplified the process by reducing the number of bolts and connections required during installation.

Upgraded Lighting

Our RGBW LED Lightbox Headers have been re-engineered to deliver consistent lighting across your set. The front lens material now comes in longer sections, eliminating seams on most sets, providing a clean and professional look. Additionally, our puck spotlights have received an upgrade. They're now thinner and more efficient, while still offering the same elegant accent.


Unleash Your Creativity

With our redesigned Headers, you're in control. Effortlessly set the mood with a spectrum of colors by using our simple lighting controls or seamlessly integrating with your studio's system. Whether it's a serious news segment or a lively talk show, your set can match the vibe effortlessly.

Less Hassle, More Style

In summary, less hassle, more style. Our redesigned Headers are here to make your broadcast lighting setup and operation easier and more effective. With a lighter build and dynamic lighting, it's all about giving you the tools to create remarkable content without the fuss. Reach out today and discover how our revamped Headers can elevate your broadcasts.

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