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Product Launch: Fold Down Monolith News Desk

Having the right equipment can make all the difference in broadcasting and events. We are proud to introduce the upgraded construction of our popular Monolith News Desk - the Fold Down Monolith Desk. This new architecture retains all the exceptional features that made the Monolith desk a best-seller while adding innovative enhancements that set it apart in the industry.

A Breakdown of the Fold Down Monolith Desk

Folding Top: Mastered Mobility

The standout feature of the Fold Down Monolith Desk is its innovative folding collapsible top. This feature makes maneuvering through standard single doors and tight hallways easy. Locking casters provide smooth movement and secure positioning. This feature is vital for fast-paced productions where adaptability and portability are key. Furthermore, when storage space is limited, the ability to fold the top significantly reduces its footprint, providing a practical solution for any production environment.

Refined Materials: Built to Last

Fabricated with top-tier materials, the Fold Down Monolith Desk architecture can withstand even the most demanding environments. This desk takes durability to the next level by eliminating all wood and laminate elements in favor of a rugged steel, aluminum, and composite base with a polished acrylic top. These enhancements ensure that your desk will stand the test of time in high-traffic broadcast and event settings.

Dynamic Details: Continued Performance

Monolith News Desk Line

Panoramic Monolith:

Starting at $15,803

Monitor Monolith:

Starting at $13,839

Lightbox Monolith:

Starting at $13,225

The Monolith desk still comes in two versions: Monitor Monolith and Lightbox Monolith. Both desks offer dynamic visual capabilities with their RGBW LED lightboxes that can change the color of your desk to fit any mood or environment. The Monitor Monolith's integrated 50” Vizio smart TV offers you the ability to display various graphics and videos. These integrated features boost the desk's functionality, giving you more control over your production.

Elevate Your Production

The Fold Down Monolith Desk's innovative features and contemporary design make it a standout choice for broadcasters seeking a reliable and sophisticated desk. Whether you're navigating tight spaces, making quick transitions, or aiming to create a visually stunning production, this desk delivers on all fronts. Elevate your production with the Fold Down Monolith Desk – where versatility meets elegance.

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