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NAU-TV Broadcast Display Set Design

The Broadcast Display

Recently we have completed designing, fabricating, and installing a broadcast display design for Northern Arizona University. This form is representative of our complete strong set style of broadcast display design. The parts that make this display fantastic are it’s colorful translucence, the simple but visually rich graphic panels, glowing backlit columns, vibrant point lights, and rich wood laminate surfaces.

Custom Set Design

While this set is similar to our Complete Strong Set style of broadcast display, every part of it is custom made upon order. If you’re looking for something to add some visual power to your broadcast, we can do anything you have in mind. Do not feel limited by space, size, colors, materials, deadlines, or concepts. If you can think it, chances are we can make it. For that matter, if you aren’t much of a thinker, we can handle that part too.

Can I get Something Like This, but With our Company Colors?

Yes. Just contact us.