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Broadcast Set Design – US Census

U.S. Census – A New Broadcast Set Design

We’ve recently completed designing, fabricating, and installing a new broadcast set for the US Census Bureau. Located at their main facility in Suitland, Maryland just outside of DC, the broadcast studio was just a small part of an immense complex devoted to the Census Bureau. The broadcast set design consisted of a newscast style set (image above), and an interview style set.

Broadcast Set Design Components

To reference our products in this image as they are laid out on this website, there are two column frames, eight of our curved frames, one of our Elliptic News Desks, a lentil structure, and a fair amount of LED lighting. All together, this set design falls into our Complete Strong Set category.

The image below this text is laid out with eight of our Straight Frames, LED lighting, and a carpeted platform. This set is close to our Complete Corner Set category of set design. Both sets have cut sign vinyl logos, while the strong set has a CNC laminate cut backlit translucent logo for over the top gorgeousness.

This is hot. Can I Have Something Like it?

This is an example of our Complete Dual Set. You can find it in our Products menu, under Complete Set Design.
We can have it designed, built, and installed in your studio in just a few weeks time. In a rush? We can do it even faster.

Set Design Materials

These sets are fabricated using 18 gauge silver powdercoated steel frames, with Aplix PSA hook and loop attaching laminates and PETG to them. Some of the PETG is naked, for a diffuse glass look (completely transparent, but blurs anything behind it further than an inch away). Other PETG ‘skins’ are covered with a translucent sign vinyl, making for serious awesomeness when backlighting. 

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Need a fresh, vibrant look for your studio? This is a good example of what we can do for you. However, we are not limited to this alone. We can design and fabricate anything, any look, or any feel you would like to see for your company. Contact us.