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Simple Corner Set

Simple Corner Set



These sets are examples of our work for previous clients. Your project will be customized to fit your needs, space, and budget. These images provide inspiration and references for pricing.


The Simple Corner Set is a budget-friendly and versatile solution, combining multiple 40" Flat Set Frames. Our Modular Set Frame System allows you to use as many or as few frames as you like to fit your space and needs.


  • Fit our modular components together to create a set that is tailored to your needs
  • Customize your set with a wide range of laminate, dimensional, and graphic finishes to match your brand's style and identity
  • The hook & loop Velcro set skin attachment makes it simple to update and reconfigure your set with ease
  • Constructed with 16 gauge powder-coated steel tubing, ensuring durability and stability for long-lasting performance
  • Bolt holes allow for easy joining of frames and columns, providing a hassle-free assembly process
  • Our self-supporting system eliminates the need to attach frames to your walls, ceiling, or floors, offering flexibility in configuring and reconfiguring your studio

The Simple Corner Set offers a rugged and adaptable solution. Elevate your production, capitalize on your studio's space and budget, and deliver professional-quality content.

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Our Simple, Modular, Reconfigurable System

Our Modular Set Frame System has been honed and refined for over 30 years. We build standard components that are assembled to fit in your studio and designed to reflect your vision. The result is a broadcast set solution that is versatile, reconfigurable, reusable, and professional. These components are built to last and can be put to many uses.
16ga powdercoated
steel tubing
Bolt holes to easily join frames & columns
Self-supporting system
Customizable laminate, dimensional, & graphic finishes
Hook & loop velcro assembly