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Triple TV Stand

Triple TV Stand


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Our Triple Monitor Stand allows you to stack three TVs on top of each other allowing you to show multiple video sources. Designed for seamless integration into our sets, our custom rolling monitor stands provide versatility and practicality without compromising on aesthetics. The stands are made of sturdy and durable powder-coated steel construction and can support a range of monitor sizes. You can choose your desired fixed height or add electric height adjustment to change the height with the touch of a button. The stand's locking casters ensure stability during use, while its portability offers flexibility and mobility on set. With our custom rolling monitor stands, you can have a monitor when you need it and move it away when you don't.


  • Equipped with locking casters for easy mobility and quick adjustments
  • Customize your stand with a wide range of laminate and dimensional finishes to match your brand's style and identity
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