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Curve News Desk



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Our line of Curve News Desks features a simple, elegant appearance that adds a striking accent to broadcasts. Our Curve Desks have been designed, redesigned and improved to achieve the best possible product for the best price. Whether it’s for news, corporate comms, schools, or sports, it is great for all broadcasts.
Features Include
  • The Small Curve is the smallest and lightest of all our desks
  • Small Curve is 60" Across x 30" Deep x 36" Tall, 100 pounds
  • Seats 1-2 people
  • Comes with locking casters
  • Bottom 4” are wrapped in a durable black ABS finish to prevent chipping
  • These desks typically take 4-6 weeks to build after payment and all design decisions have been approved.
Complimentary Products
Complimentary Product for Desk

Our Simple, Modular, Reconfigurable System

Our modular system has been honed and refined for over 30 years. We build standard components that are assembled to fit in your studio and designed to reflect your vision. The result is a broadcast set solution that is versatile, reconfig- urable, reusable, and professional. These components last, and can be put to many uses.

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