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broadcast studio design

the broadcast studio design project

This broadcast studio design was created by our company in collaboration with Greg Loscar for KDKA in Pittsburg. Its purpose was to have a secondary (Studio B) area to shoot the news program in, while the main set was being renovated. The results are fantastic, if I do say so myself.

The Process for Building a Broadcast Studio Design

As per our usual, there was a lot of thought and care put into this broadcast studio design. We started by passing 3D renderings back and forth between us and the client. Always making changes to the look, shape, and size to best fit what the client desires. Once everyone has signed off on it, we start building it in the shop. We always build the entire set as if it were in the studio, so that any problems that need to be solved are clear. When we’re done, we dismantle the whole thing, crate it up, and ship it out.

Depending on budget or need, we send one or two of our people for installation. For this project, we sent four of our team. We put the set together, made sure everything worked and looked great. Then we made sure the powers-that-be knew what everything was and how to use it.

In short, from start to finish, another job well done!

These images are live screen grabs with talent on set. Happily, the client was nice enough to send us these photos 🙂

What’s included in this project?

  • Enormous back lit backdrops
  • RGB LED tape on the face of valances
    (they offer a variety of colors)
  • RGB LED puck lighting on the top and bottom of both valances
  • Diebond surfaces
  • Powdercoated steel surfaces
  • Inch thick clear acrylic
  • Backlit translucent materials for the desk face and side wall
  • Sections of white lacquered three dimensional 'wave wall'
  • The requisite shiny monitors
  • Elbow grease