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New TV Set Design Images From Our Clients

The Images

Many of our out of town clients promise us pictures once our set designs have been completely lit and prepared for broadcast. This always gets us excited. However, in the last 25 years, we have only had three clients send us photos. Often, we are already back in our home city of Charlotte by the time the lighting company finishes.

The Materials

The fun part of this set design is the aluminum surfaces we made in shop, using a wire brush with a CNC router. We started by making a vector file with wavy lines, and then fed that to the CNC router. At the same time, it had a wire brush hovering over the sheet of aluminum. As you can see in the upper image, this adds a great texture to the material. What you can’t see in the picture is the aluminum’s specular highlights change as you pan around the scene.
Other than the treatment of the aluminum panels, this set is fairly common for us in materials. We used PETG, acrylics, powdercoated metals, translucent vinyls, printed graphics, and carpet. All fabrication was done in-house.

It Has all the Pretty. What do you Call it?

This is an example of our Complete Dual Set. You can find it in our Products menu, under Complete Set Design.
We are able to design, build, and install something like this in your studio in just a few weeks time. In a rush? We can do it even faster.